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Meridien International is offering prospective and mutually beneficial partnership for specialists on the financial market, consultancy and legal companies, tax advisers.

We are offering flexible partnership schemes that can be changed according to the special needs and requirements of our Partners.

First scheme:

1. Client is referred to us and we are dealing with the Client until the closure of the deal (registration of Company and opening bank account), and the Client is invoiced by us. Client pays the full amount to Meridien International  and we transfer the commission agreed to the Partner. In this scheme our website is working as the main one and all the information goes to the Client directly on behalf of Meridien International .
  1.1 Scheme advantages: Partner is exempted from developing his informational base and Client servicing process. Partner simply receives money on his account for every closed deal.
  1.2 Scheme disadvantages: Partner doesn’t acquire any additional knowledge in regards to jurisdictions, tax planning schemes and other information.

2. Partner is dealing with the Client directly, processing the order independently. Invoices and payments go through the Partner. In this case there are two invoices: from the Partner to the Client (100%) and from Meridien International to the Partner (according to the partnership prices). However in this case our informational data base is used (website, prices). 
  2.1 Scheme advantages: Partner doesn’t bear any additional expenses for maintaining informational data base, but has the full financial control.
  2.2 Scheme disadvantages: Partner doesn’t have right to charge his prices while using our website information with our prices.

Second scheme:

Partner has his own informational data base, and he is managing the Client directly, all the Services are provided on his behalf. Meridien International  acts as a back office for technical processing of the order.

  1. Scheme advantages: Partner estimates his own prices for services (Meridien International  work with Partner on agreed special partnership prices)
  2. Scheme disadvantages: Partner needs to organise, maintain and renew his informational data base (website, marketing materials, etc.)

Working with our Partners on any scheme offered above Meridien International is providing full informational support. We are ready to answer any arising questions in real time (e-mail, phone, Skype).

Where desired we would place Partner’s relevant information and contact details on our website. If it better suits our Client to work through the Partner due to specific reasons (for example – geographical) we would supply an option of contact made through our website directly to the Partner.

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