L1-A Visa | The Golden Ticket to live in the USA

The USA has the largest economy in the world, which means those tenacious enough to expand to the US have the potential to reach new customers, diversify risk, leverage resources, and potentially increase profits.

Whatever you want to achieve in US, our aim is to ensure that you understand the entire process from start to finish, allowing you to cut through the jargon and red tape to realise your dream of living in US.

There is a special visa available for companies that wish to expand operations into the United States by opening a branch, a warehouse or an office. This visa, known as the L-1A visa, is one of the most popular — especially since it can lead to permanent residency — and relatively easy to obtain with the right documentation and presentation.


  • L1-A Visa

Investment Type

  • Business Expansion
  • Intercompany Transfer Visa

Investment Required

  • To be precise, the L-1 visa does not require you to make a minimum investment. This gives investors the ability to choose from a wider pool of selection


  • The foreign company must have been in operation for at least one year and must remain in operation at all times after the opening of the US division
  • A qualifying organization may include a branch of the same employer, or a parent, subsidiary, or affiliate
  • New offices must submit additional evidence, including a business plan, and must show progress on start-up activities after one year
  • The annual sales volume or gross revenues of the foreign company ideally should exceed $250,000 (or foreign equivalent according to local standard of living)
  • Ideally, the foreign company should employ at least 3 executives or department managers, besides the director or owner
  • One must be able to demonstrate that the foreign company is successful, in good standing, financially solid, that expansion into the United States will not negatively affect its foreign operations, and that the expansion will eventually create jobs for US workers


  • L-1A visa holder may be able to apply for permanent residency
  • Processing time for you and your family within 6 months
  • Spouse can work under dependent visa
  • Dependents under 21 years may attend the school
  • Travel freely in and out of the US

L1-A Visa and Escrow Agreements

Many investors are worried about investing money even before they have been granted a visa.  It may be possible to have money held in an escrow account only to be spent if the L1-A visa is issued.  The following are some examples where this might be feasible:

  • You will be spending money on a lease agreement. The money would only be transferred to the landlord if the L1-A visa is granted
  • You will be spending money on some equipment. Again only to be transferred if the visa is approved

Special Conditions

  • Enough funds to support family

Visa Duration

  • Duration of visa: Valid for 7 Years
  • Eligible to Permanent Residence

Visa Acceptance

  • How long till acceptance:  6 months

You can apply online from your home country or any other country outside the US where you live.

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