Offshore Companies

Meridien International fulfils the expectations and wishes of our clients by founding as well as administering incorporations, foundations and trusts, on numerous exclusive onshore and offshore locations.

Take advantage from the given economic and fiscal opportunities in a globalized world.

Due to our experience over the years, our close cooperation with international leading business banks and asset management boutiques, as well as our collaboration with attorneys, trustees, notaries, tax advisors and consultants, we can offer our clients full legal security and a discreet formation and administration of your offshore company.

Meridien International understands the reasonable wish of every entrepreneur to discover and realize an optimal incorporation structure, in order to take advantage from the given economic and fiscal opportunities in a globalized world.

An offshore company includes versatile advantages:

  • Tax optimization opportunities
  • Complete tax exemption or flat-rate taxation
  • Avoidance of piercing the corporate veil
  • Business re-start
  • Asset protection
  • Obtaining free, non-refundable, liquidity from the sale of shares
  • Anonymity
  • Free choice of company name
  • No certificates of professional competence required
  • Re-start after business prohibition
  • Development of a new credit-worthiness
  • Capitalization and stock market launch
  • Low current costs

Together with every new founded company or Shelf Company, you receive:

  •   Certificate of Incorporation
  •   Memorandum of Association
  •   Articles of Association
  •   Share Certificate
  •   First minutes of the Board
  •   Registered Office
  •   Corporate seal

The following additional, optional services are available:

  •   Declaration of Trust
  •   Power of Attorney
  •   Notarizations
  •   Apostille (international, state notarizations)
  •   Bank accounts
  •   Certificate of good standing
  •   Virtual Offices

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