Offshore Banking

Meridien International looks at a broad network of partner banks in reputable and recognized offshore locations and other financial centres.

This close partnership and cooperation over the years enables us to grant the opening of a business account for each offshore incorporation or foundation.

We support clients through the whole application process. Additionally, a few banks offer “Merchant Services”, which allows clients to major debit and credit cards.

Our network of partner banks includes following jurisdictions:

  •   Belize
  •   Cayman Islands
  •   Vincent and the Grenadines
  •   Mauritius
  •   Malta (EU)
  •   Latvia (EU)
  •   Austria (EU)
  •   Switzerland
  •   Liechtenstein (EEA)
  •   Singapore
  •   Monaco

First Class Banking:

  •   Highest security standards
  •   No credit score
  •   Strict banking secrecy
  •   Account currency optionally in EUR, USD, GBP, CHF or YEN
  •   Direct bank transfer or via correspondent banks per IBAN and BIC
  •   Asset management and diversified portfolio management
  •   Direct Access to the worldwide SWIFT system
  •   Access to online and phone banking
  •   Debit and credit cards
  •   Merchant services for acceptance of credit cards for your online shop

Private Banking

Our wealthy clients are united by the common wish to find an experienced partner, in order to develop a long-term financial strategy based on the global changes, to protect their wealth and increase it sustainably, as well to find an international first class advisor.

Meridien International is such a first class advisor, with a pool of competencies, due to its international knowledge and extensive network of experts. We act as strategic advisor in terms of the recommendation of a competent, international asset management agency or bank.

We offer our clients asset management in the following jurisdictions:

  •   Private Banking Liechtenstein
  •   Private Banking Switzerland
  •   Private Banking Monaco
  •   Private Banking London
  •   Private Banking Singapore
  •   Private Banking British Virgin Islands

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